Dedicated to Marking the Final
Resting Places of Fallen Heroes of the Roaring Road


    The success of this project depends entirely on the generosity of race fans like you!

    If you are like most of us, you've enjoyed many seasons of auto racing, the thrills, the excitement, the roar of the engines and the close competition.  But before there was a Steve Kinser, a Tony Stewart, or a Helio Castroneves there were other men who helped the sport grow, whose participation in the sport, at great cost to them, built auto racing as we know it today.

    Over 1500 of those men paid for their love of the sport with their lives, and while they accepted their possible fates when they climbed into the race cars, we cannot accept the fact that since their unfortunate deaths behind the wheel approximately 40 of these racers have rested in anonymity, in unmarked graves.

    You can help right this situation.

    Please sit down now and write out a check.  The dollar amount isn't important.  What is important is that you participate in this worthy project.  But if you are wondering how much to give, why not write that check for the amount that you would have had to pay for a single admission to a race that got rained out at your favorite track this year.

    Make the check payable to the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and mail it to:

                                    National Sprint Car Museum
                                    P. O. Box 542
                                    Knoxville, Iowa 50138

    Please make sure that you write RACERS AT REST on the memo line to ensure that your donation goes to this project.

    ...and you will be pleased to know that there are no administrative fees or other overhead costs connected with this project.  All labor and materials, including this website, have been donated to the project.  Every penny of your donation will go towards placing a marker!

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