Dedicated to Marking the Final
Resting Places of Fallen Heroes of the Roaring Road


    The Racers at Rest volunteer committe publishes a newsletter titled, appropriately enough, Racers at Rest from time to time to keep donors and other interested parties up to date on the committee's progress along with any new information that comes our way regarding any of the drivers on our current list or new drivers who should be added to the list.

    Eventually each of those issues of Racers at Rest will be accessible here by clicking the link below. If you would like to receive a copy of each issue as soon as it is published send an email to
racersatrest@gmail.com and request a subscription by typing "subscribe" in the subject line.

    The newsletters are distributed in .pdf format and can be viewed on most computers with free Adobe Reader software.  Those of you on dial-up service may have a lengthy wait while the document loads, but please be patient.

    If you have trouble opening any of these documents please contact Mike Thompson, Webmaster, at

                                                FEBRUARY 2011 ISSUE

                                                APRIL 2011 ISSUE

                                                MAY 2011 ISSUE

                                                JULY 2011 ISSUE

                                                SEPTEMBER 2011 ISSUE

                                                DECEMBER 2011 ISSUE

                                                JANUARY 2012 ISSUE

                                                MAY 2012 ISSUE

                                                DECEMBER 2012 ISSUE

                                                               AUGUST 2013 ISSUE

                                                               NOVEMBER 2013 ISSUE

                                                                DECEMBER 2013 ISSUE
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